About Us

Accountants Out West Limited are experienced accountants, able to help you with all your accounting needs.

We are located in West Auckland.

We offer our clients an affordable, efficient, and honest accounting service. We have gained New Zealand tax experience from working in the public, and private sectors, which we draw upon to help our clients. The aim for Accountants Out West Ltd is to provide a professional taxation service at fair, and affordable rates, which cater for individuals, whether you are on salary, or wages, self-employed, contractor or freelancer, or hold rental properties in your own name or in a partnership. Services are limited to New Zealand taxes only.


We introduce Ashlee Bayne:


Ashlee Bayne

NZ Registered Tax Agent
B.Bus Accounting
Mobile: 022 023 3940
Email: ashlee@accountantsoutwest.co.nz


Hello, I’m Ashlee, the proud owner and Accountant of Accountants Out West Limited (AOWLTD). With over 11 years of extensive experience in the accounting field, spanning both the private and public sectors across New Zealand, I bring a wealth of knowledge to my role. Since 2019, I have been successfully managing Accountants Out West on my own. However, as our reputation has grown, so has our workload, leading me to expand our team in 2022.
I am known for my down-to-earth and friendly nature, always striving to provide exceptional service. When I’m not immersed in numbers, you can find me indulging in my passions for reading, walking, painting, drawing, and camping by the beach. From the very beginning, I have cherished my clients and their trust in us, fostering strong relationships since our establishment in 2019.
As we continue to grow, our goal remains unchanged: to maintain the same level of enthusiasm and dedication towards our clients, if not surpass it. We are eager to take on new challenges and provide even greater value with the support of our expanded team
In addition, as a seasoned accounting professional with extensive experience in the field, I take immense pride in my ability to empower others to lead fulfilling and self-sustaining lives. This means my passion also lies in imparting my expertise in small business startups to those seeking to establish their own ventures. I derive great satisfaction in sharing the knowledge and insights I have gained with aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them to launch and grow successful businesses.

Looking forward to working with you, to provide a simple, effective, and affordable service.